Teachers tell us what gifts they got and wanted

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Thanks to teachers you’re able to read this article. Teachers have had a great influence in our education. Let’s take a minute to demonstrate our appreciation! There are other ways than expressing gratitude than through gifts. For example, a beautiful letter from the heart can mean a lot. Teachers teach because it is their passion. They don’t do it for gifts or money. However, a gift makes everybody happy. So, why not give a thoughtful gift to the teacher to let him/her know how much their time and effort are appreciated; especially at the end of the school year. 

Deciding on presents for teachers is not an easy task. That’s why we brought together the ones who know best (a group of teachers) to listen to their opinion about what gifts are the best for teachers and also what gifts they have received that really surprised them.

Be ready to take notes because they share interesting experiences. 

A thoughtful gift“Definitely, the best gift were some slippers. I wasn’t expecting something so cozy. They kept my feet warm throughout the winter. What a great gift!” – Joe, Sacramento, CA 

A Beautiful Souvenir“This beautify German Stein was given to me by whom I least expected; the class clown. Since it is a Limited Edition of only 5,000 pieces produced, I am truly grateful and have conserved it in mint conditions.” - Tracy, Seattle, WA 


“One of my groups gave me a new printer since the worksheets I would print for them were not the best quality prints and they kept getting worse.” – Jane, Bismarck, ND


Food was one of my other most appreciated gifts: Nuts, Wine, Dates and some delicious sweets. – Jane, Bismarck, ND 


“My favorite was a Navy blue scarf with white polka dots. Smooth silk faced on one side and warm blue wool on the other side. I have had it for 6 years now, and I wear it all the time except for the summer.” – Antwan, Oakland, CA 


 “A tea set was given to me last Christmas to make a pot of tea. I have also gotten homemade cookies, and once I received an excellent spa basket with a variety of items….There are times that I get gifts for my birthday, or when my daughters were born. Once a student baked me a cake in the shape of Grumpy Cat, which was awesome. ” – Regina, New York, NY 

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  • Mary

    One year, a group of students gave me a year of car washes!
    Another year they gave me a night on the town; dinner and a movie!
    I loved the Holiday treats to share with my family!

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