Recreational activities generate a social impact in all areas of interaction and dimensions of human development. This is precisely what today's post will be about. 

 Recreation is defined as an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.The importance of performing recreational activities lies in the benefits they provide for psychological, cognitive, physical and social development. Recreation contributes to human development and the construction of social and personal identities. 

 In addition to the above, they prevent and enhance social and educational actions, aimed at overcoming problems such as drug addiction, crime, isolation, depression, among others. It also represents a mechanism to streamline processes of social inclusion and community participation. 


Participating in recreational activities provides many essential benefits in the areas of personal health, human development, quality of life, reduction of antisocial behavior, and building healthy communities. 

 Likewise, there are other more specific physical health benefits, psychological benefits, early childhood benefits, family benefits, social capital benefits, and social and economic benefits. 

Working the comprehensive development in children through recreation is a very important task for parents, and can be a fun process for both parties. 

 Currently, there are a variety of games in playgrounds and other recreational activities which allow educating and increasing cognitive abilities in children. 

Decorating your child’s room has an impact on their growth and development, and as they grow, they will remember the fond memories of their space