We bring for you the second part of the best styling tricks that interior designers use.

1.- For a natural environment include plantsYou may have already incorporated some natural textures such as wood, stones or minerals into your spaces, but plants will always be a great element to incorporate touch of style. In addition, you can rearrange your plants and create a jungle in or make natural sculptures with flower arrangements. 

your home design will never be the same.

2.- Unify the colors and textures you use 

 It is always pleasant to have spaces with different features whether they are color, shape or height, but features such as texture or color must match. There are some exceptions, but colors must combine: warm colors, cold colors, dusty colors, and so on. If you have a minimalist white background in a room, you shouldn’t have lush fuchsia flowers. Focus on a contrasting texture rather than a flashy color.   

3.- Demonstrate your point of view 

Focusing and not being afraid to express your point of view may be easier said than done. In spite of that, it is necessary that your vision is reflected and not a copy of something you saw. Furthermore, the most interesting interiors are those with a feeling of compositional balance. It is okay have darkness and light in terms of energy. 

4.- Make your space feel cozy 

 It does not mean that you fill it with handmade or inherited crafts from your relatives so that a homey aura stands out, but rather that you achieve a balance between cleanliness and warmth. The key is to add elements that represent you within a decorative aesthetic which you identify with. Seek to make your home really look like you live in it and not a film set. 

5.- Have fun! 

 Keep in mind that you are the one who lives there. And no matter how much you want to make the interior look incredible, it should not result in an area that makes you feel uncomfortable or trapped. The best thing about decorating is that you can always start over and reimagine your interior concept.