5 Decorating Secrets Used by the Experts

Surely you are one of those who spends a lot of time looking for inspiration to decorate your home. You may even spend hours on your phone rigorously watching your favorite designers posts on Instagram.

However, making the leap from the digital board to the square meters of your home can be quite a challenge. In the end, this great step is reduced to how you achieve a decorative balance in the rooms of your home. It may sound simple, but crossing the line from ordinary to artistic may not be as easy as you think. Therefore, we gathered some of the best styling tricks that interior designers use in their designs to share with you.

A new decor for your home

1.- Lose the fear of negative space

 Negative space refers to the free and decorative area in a room. In short, it is a challenge to embrace the emptiness in the square meters and accept the idea that it is not necessary that each corner has an accessory or furniture.

2.- Your wall is not the only area to add dynamism.

 If you are an observer, you will notice that there are large spaces where a sense of movement is achieved without saturating the walls. Experiment with the dimensions of your spaces and the conventional rules of decoration when trying out different levels and perspectives. Place accessories on the floor or on your furniture to create a unique visual order and attract attention to a special area of ​​your decoration; as a result, your environment will be daring and unique. 

3.-Unify the style of all your rooms.

Rooms in your home should not feel disconnected from each other, but rather it should be creativity that guides the interior dialogue. For this reason, it is essential that you choose a dominant style in your entire home which can be adapted to all corners by giving them a creative turn. Consider your accessories to achieve a unique twist and don't forget to incorporate personal details. 

4.- Dare to move things around.

Do not leave an accessory or furniture in the same place forever. The best thing about your decoration is that you can always move elements. Incorporate new detail and reinvent the decorative style by simply rearranging your room. You can even take this advice another level by exchanging items from one area to another. For example, place a mirror that was in your bedroom in your living room. 

5.- Remember that opposites attract.

Although unity is important, this does not take away the opportunity to experiment with your space. Play with light, proportions and colors to add a touch of dynamism to your decoration. There is no limit to this interior design experiment, as long as the proportions of the space are respected and harmony is found in the spaces. 

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